«Our company has its own contact center»

«We can organize our own contact center for less money»

«Our IT-specialists will help us to organize a contact center and we can control them»

Similar statements during the meetings we hear every day. From different people. In different companies. With different incomes.

Theoretically, all of them are right. Theoretically, anyone can dig well in the middle of the yard of a high-rise building and provide water in his apartment. Theoretically, anyone can build an oven in his kitchen and heat it with wood.




Similar situation is with contact centers which are created independently within the company that does not specialize in this field.

Therefore, we offer you to use our contact center as a service

You need an external contact center if:

• Terms are minimal

• The project is seasonal

• Finance are limited

We will help you:

• To do technical task as soon as possible 

• To launch the contact center as soon as possible 

Advantages of cooperation:

• The cost of contact center in Ukraine is several times cheaper than in Germany

• You do your business

• Qualified staff in contact center

• We carry the costs for staff training and equipment

What is needed for collaboration (optional):

1. Call us;

2. Send an e-mail;

3. Write in the social network.

We will contact you during the day and agree our next steps.