Workforce cost is one of the largest expenditures of contact center. Therefore, than cheaper is the workforce than higher is the profit. 

To tell the truth, other factors come here into force too - qualification of employees and their language skills. 

We are ready to provide your company with employees search service that will meet your requirements. 

Our main directions: 

1. Employee search in the medical field

2. Employee search in veterinary field 

3. Employee search in the insurance field 

We are ready to: 

- Find employees according to your requirements

- Test them according to your parameters 

- Collect all the source data for taking the decision

 Our advantages: 

1. Price -  we get less than the german colleagues

 2. Workforce costs -  Ukrainians are paid  less

3. Qualification - higher medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and economic education plus language skills 

4. Language skills 

5. Related cultural tradition - we shall understand each other better than partners from China or India

What is needed for collaboration (optional):

1. Call us;

2. Send an e-mail;

3. Write in the social network.

We will contact you during the day and agree our next steps.