Our company has been working with insurance companies for a long period of time. In particular, in Ukraine we have contractual relationships with companies of Vienna Insurance Group.

Our main directions are:

1. Medical Assistance

2. Veterinary Assistance

Medical Assistance - we arrange medical care throughout Ukraine. Therefore, we can act as an outsourced contact center.

We organize:

- Stationary care

- First aid

- Outpatient care

- Drug software

- Laboratory studies

- Recovery

- Rehabilitation

Our advantages:

1. Operators are doctors

2. Knowledge of German

3. Keeping of the contact center in Ukraine is several times cheaper than in Germany

4. Taking decisions is fast and understandable because of the common european culture

What is needed for collaboration (optional):

1. Call us;

2. Send an e-mail;

3. Write in the social network.

We will contact you during the day and agree our next steps.