Our company works in cooperation with veterinary institutions in Ukraine.

It is clear that business processes in Ukraine differ from the business processes in EU, USA or Canada.

At the same time we have a number of advantages for your veterinary contact center

We organize:

- 24-hour hotline for customers

- Multi-channel feedback

- You can provide scenarios for operators or we will create them ourselves

- We can work on your software or use our CRM system modified to meet your needs


1. Price. The cost of labor in Ukraine and Germany differs significantly

2. European culture and common european values - it is easier for us to negotiate

3. All have veterinary or medical education

4. High educational level of operators

As a result, you get:

• 24-hour hotline

• Reduced costs for contact center in several times

• High-quality service for an acceptable price

What is needed for collaboration (optional):

1. Call us;

2. Send an e-mail;

3. Write in the social network.

We will contact you during the day and agree our next steps.